Ethereum Classic a goer or nah?

in ethereum •  3 years ago 

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g'day, im just about to drop coin into cryptos after doing some decent silver stacking. Ethereum looks great but Ethereum classic looks like it has a large catch up to do. The market cap for eth classic is decent also giving me the impression that it will stick around. My thinking is that eth classic being $25 each can easily move upwards of $1000 in a couple of years. Thoughts?

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I'm kinda new here so I'm bad to give advice maybe. But I'm going to say at $25 no. Hold your Bitcoin and buy EOS when it comes. Or just hold your Bitcoin. How much are you going to invest?

just a couple of grand at the moment

hmmm I don't know. I don't want to offer you bad advice. So keep bitcoins, buy a little steem and put it in your account here! Wait for EOS and look it up and read about it. I just feel like ETC might be in a bit of a bubble. I'm not for certain though. Maybe look into bitshares. Im going to try something new tomorrow and if it works I will let you know

too easy cheers, everyone is probably doing the same thing, just testing different parts of the market

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