Support - buy BMT token

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Support - buy BMT token


If you love and want to support us you can buy the BMT token on Etherdelta (see link below). At the moment it is not backed by anything but goodwill. If everyone loves then it could appreciate in value but there are no promises at all.

Show your love for, buy BMT here:

If you want you can also tip below. If you tip and want a token but don't want to use the exchange you can just post in the comment field below and I will send you some tokens or fractions of tokens (BMT).

ETH: 0xBc423729b597810C79Cfbe484902a931B71811C1
BTC: 1GNUN3BNGT9g2ozBorYKLpaJSs5hyh8L3T

You can also join our Telegram group if you post a message in the comment field below.

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And some art - I made this picture recently and I think it turned out well:


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