Should you Invest in an ICO?

in ethereum •  2 years ago

Hi steemit friends,

I did a video on this topic and thought it would be beneficial to the steemit community as there are a lot of cryptocurrency investors here. Thank you for watching and please upvote if you like it.

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Thanks for the video.

Hay Austin, I love your videos - you have a really cool energy - laid back and yet enthusiastic - and give very sound advice on cryptos - like it a lot. I have also done some Due Diligence on The Pillar Project and I agree it seems extremely interesting ;-) I still think EOS is selling at a very nice price and if anyone isn't in that highly recommend you read my posts on EOS on my steemit blog @willstephens, Take care y'all ;-)

PS I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on why steemit is doing so badly in price - it's down more than all my other cryptos and yet so much of it is locked up in Steem Power - seems strange to me! Any personal feeling on price action over the next year or two? Happy fishing!

Good video, mate. Maybe people will earn money with pillar but most likely is out of the pure hype.

Excellent post brother, I wish you much success


Thank you bro!

Nice video dude


Love that yellen post haha


Cheers! Yeah what a legend he is

Great video @austinsandersco! I think it was beyond informative! I also wanted to give you props for your full disclosure statements! Great job!

Great post. Cos most ICOS lately turn out to be scams. I still believe in IOTA project though. Their roadmap looks promising.

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