ETC news a great buy in bullish market.

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Coin #ETC at #Bittrex

#ETC Technical wise Almost Retraced 100%, and Holding onto its Strong Support 200K Satoshi Area

This Coin is A low Risk high Reward Coin, If you Have Patience then Buy it and Hold

Fundamental Wise

This Coin Having Shit Ton of News

  1. Beta Mobile Wallet on 30th Apr.
  2. Disabling Difficulty Bomb on 30th Apr.
  3. Hard-Fork on 31st May (Strong as Hell News)
  4. Radex Launch on ETC on 31st May.
  5. Release Mobile Wallet on 30th Jun.
  6. Emerald SDK Release on 31st Jul.
  7. JIT Compilation on 31st Aug.
  8. Compatibility on 30 Nov.
  9. Upgrade EVM on 31st Dec.

You Can Expect 3-5x From this Gem Called #ETC (Ethereum Classic)

#DISCLAIMER - Images and info are from trading news group.

Enjoy the analysis hope you make some profit


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