EventChain: Blockchain will Solve Today’s Ticketing Problems

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Ashton Addison here, CEO/Founder of EventChain.io

Events were designed to allow people to connect. Anyone with talent can provide entertainment, make personal connections between artists and their fans, and deliver their own unique experience to share through the power of events. When artists play a big concert that fans have been waiting for or a national sports team wins a big game at the local arena, whole communities can get together to celebrate.

Anyone who’s purchased a ticket before knows there are torturous parts of the event industry too, corporate intermediaries that get between the artists and the audience.

We go to social events because we support the artists. Especially in the digital age where we consume content through over-controlling tech corporations, we go to extra lengths to give back to the artists directly, but these intermediaries are making it hard for us. If only we could meet the artists face to face and hand them some cash, send them some cryptocurrency directly, any medium that guarantees they are rewarded for their contributions.

The real pain is felt when attempting to get tickets to almost every popular concert. Sure, at times having a third-party sell tickets reaches a wider audience, but artists can now reach their global audience online, and ticket vendors often claim exclusive rights to sell tickets and gouge fans with processing, transaction, and convenience fees. This applies to sporting events too, and there is no shortage of ticket scalpers at every type of ticketing event.

Surely with the increased use of social media and online social interactions there should be a secure channel where artists can reach out directly to their audience; they just need the proper secure infrastructure in place.

Enter peer-to-peer blockchain infrastructure, the open source digital platforms of the future. Decentralized networks present new opportunities to increase business efficiency, remove the need for trusted third-parties to transact, and bring real peer-to-peer interaction into reality. The blockchain paradigm shift will revolutionize almost every industry today, including event ticketing.

Back in 2012, I created a series of local events to connect resident musical talent with fans and I experienced the other side of event ticketing. I felt as much pain dealing with ticket service providers to host my event as I did attempting to purchase tickets as a fan. In the end I managed to employ a team of friends to distribute the tickets instead because the third-party processing fees were simply not feasible without it being unfair to the artists.

As a distinguished business graduate, musician, social entrepreneur and cryptocurrency advocate I’ve gathered a highly experienced team and together we will develop a distributed transaction network to eliminate primary and secondary market ticket issues. the EventChain Smart Tickets platform on the Ethereum blockchain, free of traditional event-ticketing tortures.
I know I can lead our EventChain team in resolving many real world problems facing the event ticketing industry including the sale of counterfeit tickets, ticket scalping and excessive ticket re-sale markup.

Fans are ready to stop interacting with ticket service providers altogether, they just need the medium to transact with artists securely. With EventChain and the Ethereum blockchain, we will all have that peer-to-peer freedom.

To learn more and participate in the upcoming ICO for the EventChain Smart Tickets platform, visit eventchain.io. Read our whitepaper and join our community.

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