Ether price going up this wednesday

in ether •  3 years ago  (edited)

This Wednesday July 19 The Ethereum team will do the Hard Fork in order to fix the hack that took place in June 17th to The DAO project.

For that reason chances are that the ethereum coin can go up in price. The DAO soon will disappear from the exchanges, because is not secure anymore. But once all come back to normal a new DAO may be created and rise maybe more than 15o millions again, or perhap the new investors will think twice this time before investing again?

Hopefully at slockit and ethereum team, next time they hire experts in crypto security to avoid events like that. BUT that event was good for ethereum because they can implement stronger security methods next time!


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Maybe the opposite will happen, A lot of liquidity will be added to the market and hopefully the price will drop a lot before going up again, creating good buying opportunities. I believe in Ethereum and it will have a bright future in my opinion, but there's nothing indicating a significant rise in prices on Wednesday. Maybe Steem will rise. Who knows? :)

First signs of that rise - maybe...

These things are so volatile...who knows?!