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This will be entirely the personal choice of the decision-maker and the decision whether they want to exchange OLD OLD TOKEN to a new one or not.

3 steps to switch from old ERC20 to new ERC20:

1. Buy a new ERC20 (on the available exchange) and transfer it to your wallet.

2. Transfer your old ERC20 from your wallet to a wallet address for swap.


3. Do not sell your new ERC20 token until the swap is complete. And wait when we will send you the same amount of new ERC20 to your wallet.

Details about the steps to swap:

For swap, buy as many new ERC20 as you want to receive more.

Basically the exchange rate is 1: 4000

"So for example if you have 1,000,000 ERC20 long and you want to redeem it with a new one. Then about the steps to swap and assess you should buy 25 NEW ERC20 and transfer it to your wallet. And after sending all your OLC ERC20 to the contract address smart to swap. And wait when will we check it out and send 25 more NEW ERC20s.

Really you will have 50 NEW ERC20 after the exchange "

To avoid dumping a new token, the rate would be 1: 40000 because the price of 2 tokens is very different. These swaps can make people who want, most will be interested people who truly believe in the future of ERC20, Belance, and future projects like Exchange and others.

We're writing about new tokens for a long time so you have time to think about them.

We do not do personal sales and ICO.

So this is the fairest and fair way because tokens have inventory, prices, and other important parameters.

If you do not want to swap or you do not like swap terms, then hold, trade or sell (prices do not change for a long time) old ERC20 as usual and as you did before. You have time and you have time to think and so on.

So there is no need to write hatred or interrupt the chat with negative things. No one forces you to do anything and never do it. So all negativity will be banned.


- Swap Token is only valid is you follow all 3 steps and swap conditions.

- This will be a personal choice for every owner and the decision whether they want to change OLD OLD TOKEN to a new one or not.

- OLC ERC20 Token (ERC) will continue to be traded in the stock today !!!

- Please read the disclaimer thoroughly before continuing

- OLD ERC20 (ERC) is not removed from exchange or something. Everything as usual, nothing has changed - you can hold your old ERC20 (ERC), trade or sell on the current exchange.

- All hate and negativity in public chat about swap will be banned.

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