Too many coins

in #eth2 years ago

When I was first exposed to the crypto world I was so excited as I saw it as an opportunity to make a lot of money quickly however the longer I am in this world the more I am learning as to how exhausting and complicated it can be.

Yes I have made profit on all my crypto investments to date but I have also invested in so many different coins that it is hard to keep track of all of them. In saying that recently I decided to sell off some of my investments and to stick with 1-2 choices rather than 7+.

The safest one I found for myself was ETH into which I converted most of my other coins and although I would love to own BTC I have missed the boat on that one to make any decent money of it, probably missed it by 4-5 years :).

The other coin I decided to get was OMG which is related to ETH and has almost doubled in value since I bought it and although ETH potential excites me, OMG is great value, my heart is still set on IOTA which I sold when the downtrend started and this weekend it went below 50cents. So as soon as IOTA starts moving out of the downtrend I will be back in and will double my previous IOTA holdings.

In terms of other coins there are quite a few out-there that seem good such as Monero, Ripple, Litecoin etc. but its just too much to keep track off. To be honest if I started all over again I would just stick with one cryptocurrency, probably ETH, and wouldn't pay much attention to others but unfortunately I did and find it hard now to step away from OMG or IOTA.


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