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What Is Aiodex

The Aiodex venture, which is had practical experience in decentralized financing, as you realize that decentralized financing in 2020 has gotten mainstream

For those of you who are

new to decentralized account, you have a brief glance: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) alludes to a biological system for money-related applications based on blockchain networks.

All the more explicitly, the expression "decentralized financing" alludes to a development pointed toward making an open-source biological system that doesn't need licenses, is straightforward to all budgetary administrations, is accessible to all, and works with no focal power controlling it. This implies that clients will have full command over their resources and connect with this biological system by means of a shared climate (P2P) and decentralized applications (Dapps).

There are four plans in the store framework they

store Alpetkoan, store Alaatriom, store Allaatkoan, store dollar shift each arrangement for the other in the base store and benefit proportion and the term of the arrangement and the installment framework and timing and is regularly like clockwork.

Aiodex Staking

Receive digital assets directly to your wallet


ADX Tokensale

ADX Tokensale is open
Available for sale 20,000 ADX
Total supply 50,000 ADX
Price 0.001 ETH for 1 ADX
You can buy ADX on the page:


ADX Exchanges

ADX Available On Exchanges.

Aiodex on ForkDelta
Aiodex on LedgerDEX
ADX token will be available for trading on Bilaxy,Hotbit,Binance Dex,Uniswap on December 2020

Aiodex Token Info

Aiodex is essential for the bigger pattern of decentralized money: an industry that is centered around building decentralized monetary instruments on top of existing shrewd agreement empowered cryptocurrencies. These instruments incorporate digital currency lending, insurance, decentralized trades, and other use cases

Aiodex explicitly is an aggregator of digital currency loaning platforms. It permits clients to store their cryptocurrency, which is changed over into ADX tokens — on-blockchain commitments that are made sure about by guarantee in an alternate cryptocurrency. These tokens are then naturally stopped in various DeFi loaning administrations to boost the banks' benefit as revenue.

ADX Tokenomics


Total - 50,000 ADX

Public sale - 20,000 ADX

Staking Farm - 20,000 ADX

Community - 10,000 ADX

Price for 1 ADX - 0.001 ETH

Min Purchase amount - 0.1 ETH

All remaining tokens from the sale and distribution to the community before December 20 will be burned.

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