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The role of the media and its impact on society and individuals is huge, thus, media owners, creators and not providers must accept the responsibility and profits for everything they present to the public. The fact that online providers and creators still struggles today regarding funds while the viewers has no choice than to enjoy themselves from a wide range of contents available on the internet.
Video online content has been a merger money making industry. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of online content producers and consumers. Every year, revenues generated increased. Billions of dollars are made by digital providers. Unsurprisingly, the Entertainment and Media industry generates over $2 trillion in annual revenues worldwide. The USA ($750 billion), China ($190 billion) and Japan ($157 billion) are the world leaders in E&M markets. The refine medium platform stands to correct the difference between providers, creators and viewers by using the blockchain technology to transform the way in which we create, circulate and consume media.

The project, Refine Medium aims to develop a “People’s Own Media” platform powered by blockchain technology and propelled by a robust cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption. They want to achieve the immediate mission, at the same time, working on a roadmap for a vigorous future through state-of-art technological breakthroughs and with a desire to be a mandarin in online video industry.
With the recent changes in modern technology, the refine medium main objectives is to bring back the much-needed trust back in the entertainment industry. It is can be observed that current media providers like you tube, prime video etc lacks such. The project tends to solve the recurring questions on the minds of digital content owners.
objective refine medium 1.PNG


1;Creator vs Service Provider; It is a well-known facts that providers care about the quality of content produced and not the welfare of the creators. Apart from boosting their motivation, creators should be compensated for the value they produce for the industry. Unfortunately, over the years they have been less paid.
2; Immaterial Content Discovery and Suggestion; Increase rate of unnecessary and unwanted videos have cause viewers unwarranted time searching for the right content needed.
3;Manipulation and Illegal Monetization of User Data:
Recent scandals have unmasked the true essence of the platforms existing today. Current protocols and regulations for data mining are unable to manage third-party access to user personal information.


Video Uploading- Made Easy, Fast & Secure: Refine Medium uses the Ethereum blockchain technology in order to perform two major functionalities of enabling transparency in: content monetization and storing information of value to creators, innovators and the users that will win over the confidence of all the stakeholders of the platform.
Refined Protocols for Copyright Management: the platform will be strict against copyright infringing activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on its website or related services. “Refine Medium possesses the right to remove all such contents if substantially notified that they infringe another person’s or groups’ intellectual property rights, with prior notice to the defaulter.”
Equitable Power Disposition: Refine Medium platform aspires to develop a world class infrastructure for content creators, by rectifying the challenges they must come across in existing platforms and placing utmost power in their hands so that users get access to quality yet diversified content on the platform.
REFINE MEDIUM DAPP: The Refine Medium Dapp will provide user with an intuitive application with a unique interface to stream, upload and review videos in a completely decentralized environment. The moderators will be responsible for moderating the platform by voting the videos. A video is only uploaded when its threshold value is reached. the users and the moderators will be paid with the platform token.
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Token Distribution

Regarding token distribution and allocation; Refine Medium tokens will be awarded with regards for creating awareness about the platform till the end of our ICO through our Bounty Program. Refine Medium Bounty tokens will be swapped for 1:1 ratio for Refine Medium "XRM" utility tokens post our ICO.
Below shows the token allocation and distributions.
token refine medium..PNG
allocation refine.PNG

Currently Pre-sales is on going on the platform; you can participate from the website:
for more information; Visit:
Profile: Thebusstop


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