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ich denke der aufwärtstrend hält noch ein wenig an. vll bis knapp 200

ETH is going to be increasing all year long. There are a number of updates happening to it all year long and any type of update has always meant a bump in price.

One leg higher would be nice to get to a new high at around 180$ and from there on I would be very cautious. A lot of traders are looking for that inverted head and shoulder pattern on Bitcoin, which would trigger a bigger buy signal if prices get above 4200-4400$. From the volume perspective there is no reason to believe that this rally is sustainable. I would short any bullish breakout attempts in or out of this range.

It looks like that question is answered! We went down!



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Now I know, but before I checked the market I was going to say: "We are going to have a correction".

At least ETH is constantly more profitable to mine for miners: