Full ETH Bull

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I have rarely seen anything more bullish. Horizontal support that is a few years old and a breakout of very long and strong downturn.

Additionally ETH is the leader of the alt coins which are doing this:

Most Important Bitcoin Charts Jan 2020.jpg

The black line shows the inverse btc dominance.

A downtrend that started in 2018 meets an uptrend that started in 2013.

Volatility incoming!

My money is on the long side of ETH.

Currently is the safest time to buy ETH and BTC. Its time to back up the truck.


Good Analysis, thanks!

Just need the altcoin market to go back to the upper end of that channel and I think we all will be very happy :)

Just need steem to make a new ATH soon, than we can really start the party :)

I think we may need to get it on more exchanges for that to happen.

All I can do is pray :)

I hope that someone can do more. :D

Just kneel down and pray with me bro

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Its time to back up the truck.

I am trying to backing up the truck. But not by ETH, but by with Steem.
And not by buying it, but by collecting it by author and curation rewards.

Great 👍 call my dear friend !

bitcoin likely to enter a new bull era hopefully :)