ETH Cup and Handle

in eth •  3 months ago

There is a cup and handle forming in ETH.


It should either break out to the upside very soon or get rejected and build a double top.

A break to the upside would quickly get us to the $200, which is where ETH was when btc broke down from the 6000 mark.

In other words there are big resistance coming up for ETH, however it has shown a very strong dynamic lately.

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This could be just nothing more than a “buy the rumour, sell the news” event like we had dozens of times during this bear market.
Of course I hope your analysis is right. ;)

I never get this technical charts, but isnt't it true that ETH should benefit from the upcoming fork,new features and less dilution due to most ICOs cashing out, To me it looks like ETH has a lot more room to go up, even when the entire crypto market is down.In other words, i will not be surprised if ETH end up being the only bright spot in the entire crypto market for next few years!!!!


Yes the supply will go down, which will push prices up.

Sweet!! Hey Knirky, is there a problem with steem-bounty? i send a transfer for my post and the web page didnt shows it


There should not be one. Can u come to telegram so we can figure it out?


I dont have your telegram user, can you pls help me ?

Super bullish chart on ETH. Not only from a short term charting perspective but fundamentally bullish AF.

I can't wait for the day when ETH trades at $5000.


hehehe. Yea that would be a pretty sight!

i brought eth when was $84 and im still holding :) thank u for analysis


Congratz that was a great buy!

Still not a fan of ETH. But won't argue that looks like it has good potential purely looking at the chart. Might be worth moving some money around to take advantage of that.

Would be nice to see it go higher. If it drops that means there's another chance to accumulate more at lower prices.

Happy New Year, friend @knircky49158407_371179797020746_3241444649021210624_n.jpg!

Damm this thing is about to fly high !!!!