The easiest way to get your ETH back after the DAO Hack - Happy Hardfork

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Ho do I get my #ETH back ?

Ok the #hardfork has happend and you want your #ETH back from the hackt #DAO but how ?
Writing contract, getting transactions , pasting thing .. wtf


OK thanks to the guys at ther is a much easier way to accomplish this without having to learn all the smart contract stuff which #ETH has to offer.

It's a client based java script driven Webwallet which includes handling of #DAO token. Since the Token are bound to a #ETH Account it's possible to get your #ETH back with some clicks.

How is it done

First go to :

Choose if you paste your private key into the box or choose to use your JSON Keystore File.
Depending on your OS you may find it in %appdata%\Ethereum\keystore - just enter "%appdata% in the navigation pane at the top of the explorer windows and navigate to "Ethereum\keystore".
Choose the file for the address the #DAO #Tokens are bound to.

Since your keystore is most probably encrypted you must enter the password into the password field and click on the "encrypt wallet" to continue.

After some seconds (decoding takes some time) you are presented with two options to ssend #DAO or to withdraw #DAO to your ether wallet.

The default is withdraw and with a click on the big red button "WITHDRAW YOUR DAO TOKENS FOR ETH" you are done !

You will be asked again if this is really what you want and after another couple of seconds you will first see a transaction ID appearing for the sending of the tokens to the new withdraw contract and shortly after that another transaction id for the #ETH which are sent back to your #ETH address.

Trouble ?

In rare cases when you don't have any #ETH left on the address the transaction may fail because you can't pay the fees (gas).If this happens you need to put a small amount of #ETH to this address to get things going.


And that's all. I successful got my #ETH back and must not fight with any geth / mist / don't know whatever smart contract stuff.

Hope that helps

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wow, is it really that easy? im going to try this myself, and let you know how it went. thanks!


Try it I was really happy that there is such an easy way :-) and yes please report :-)


Think I'll just wait until the exchanges add their conversion tool #ezlife


Yeah - but you may use this webpage also to transfer the tokens to the exchange of your choice. Could also become handy for that !

#ETH will up always?

Thank you for this!