ETH and BCH Priming to Outperform Bitcoin?

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Just bored looking at Coinbase liquidity.

Is it just me or do most alts look pretty bullish compared to flat-lining Bitcoin? BTC, LTC, XRP, EOS, DASH... all these graphs look pretty similar.

BCH looks really bullish.


A lot of people will tell you Bitcoin Cash is the 'real' version of Bitcoin and that Blockstream took over the Bitcoin brand using shady political tactics. A lot of people out there view these 'redundant' forks as doomed to fail, but that's a mentality stemming from competitive capitalism. This is clearly an open-source collaboration. Robust networks require redundancy to improve security.

I have very high hopes for BCH, even if I'm not personally interested in joining that community.



The Ethereum graph is looking pretty good as well. The risky margin trade I made at $160 is no longer very risky at all. Feels like the price could breakout any second.


Here's to posting this before bed and wondering if the market will be in a drastically different state tomorrow morning like it sometimes is.

Damn trading bots making backdoor deals while I sleep.
Wall Street got nothing on this unregulated 24/7 market.

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hows ur game going?

would be going pretty good if my shoulder wasn't so jacked up :D
havent worked on it for quite some time

However, it's still pretty close to being functional. Need to program in a temporary escrow service so people can bet without having to trust each other.

ah yeah the shoulder.. know that feeling. which one did you fuck up?
do you already have a soft ball and or roll to mobilize it? helps great against tensions and cramps

ltc forming lower highs and higher lows