My Failed CryptoKitties Attempt 🐱

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I have to admit that the CryptoKitties got me interested. My daughter LOVES animals and allowing her to get involved with this and have her own virtual kittens seemed like a great way to get her involved with the ideas of cryptocurrency.

Getting The Kitten! 😻

CryptoKitties is tied into the Etherum blockchain so for me to get one I had to get some ETH over to an address and use Metamask. Not something that is terribly hard but I had to figure out how to use it.

So this is where I start to realize that we have a while to go with cryptocurrency to get the adoption we want. I had to go through so many steps to even attempt to get involved with this.

I actually have some ETH on bitshares so I went there first but currently they are not allowing for withdraws. Hmm... Time for plan B.

I recently purchased some BTC on Coinbase and I need to get it off of there anyway so this might be a good time. I couldn't purchase more ETH because the process would take a week and who has time to wait for a kitten!! :) .

The Plan Fails 😿

I decided to transfer it to Cryptopia because I knew I could purchase ETH and then just transfer it over to my Metamask address and then get my kitten. I moved the BTC and then placed a buy for ETH and all was well and good after about an hour.

Time to move the ETH to Metamask! At this point I withdraw my ETH from Cryptopia and get a transaction ID (0xb4e1712a6c8a304f3d4fc4df9e28366d3145a32a24e4c080f152a4c50b2ee31e) and see my address in the balance withdraws. Everything is completed!

Well... not actually. It has been 3 hours and there is still no record of my transaction on etherscan or anything in my wallet at Metamask. 👎

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.59.11 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.59.35 PM.png

I know that the crypto world is still growing and TONS of innovation is being made daily. It truly is amazing! However, this process just made me feel how hard it is for someone to get involved. I am pretty bummed that I potentially lost that ETH. I don't know enough about ETH to really understand if this is just a delay from too much activity or if the transaction failed and cryptopia some how got an ID too fast.

I still plan on jumping in on this for the fun of it and to get my daughter involved but it might have to wait for now.

If you want to support our CryptoKitten adoption then feel free to add some ETH:
😻 0xb43BeA461069C35100771B3E737cd0A381A3571F 😻


the network is kinda overloaded right now so i would say hold off for at least 72 hrs before trying this stuff again with more ETH, it should come through as long as you sent it in the right direction.

Thanks! I thought that might be an issue but wasn't able to find anything to confirm it.

cool, seems crypto kitties are breaking the block chain so far.

Yep. Seems to be the case.

That makes two major coins with scalability problems!

And the two coins that are most commonly converted to/from fiats!

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