ETH Technically 11-9-21

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On the day, the Ethereum trend was associated with the broader market, and the wave of more than 100 points rebounded in the morning, but the price did not break the 3300 pressure line, and the short-term pressure is currently under way. at the position of 3301. The short-term trend gives a callback signal. If the price drops below the 3200 line in the future, it is expected that the price decline will continue, and we wish all currency friends to be ready. Secondly, it is necessary to focus on the 3100 support area on the day, and the market is expected to test the possibility of the 3000 figure if it falls below the market.


Very informative 👍

Very informative piece, I think it's about that time, we take a closer look at ETH as we hodl on a secured wallet like that of I feel ETH is going to stay for a very long time, up there.