What is UniCap ?

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What is UniCap ?

Owning coins and tokens in cryptocurrency is a profitable investment program, where there are many different opportunities on how to maximize the returns. Conventional owners will stay on the traditional mechanism, selling and buying the cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, those owners who want to increase their profits will look for other opportunities, who can also be called evolving investors.

UNICAP Finance is a crypto exchange-traded fund (CETF) based company, targeting the evolving investors who want to tackle the older version of cryptocurrency procedures, by automatically managing their coins and tokens to give them returns, which can also be used as passive income.

Investors can easily participate in the system by swapping their cryptocurrency’s coins and tokens with UCAP token, which has been safely created to fund the investment. Every UCAP tokens will be allocated 90% for the investment purpose and 10% will be reserved for controlling the project, this allocation to make sure that the project will run smoothly and transparently for all the participants. Each of the fund allocations for investments has been through of the allocations have been through meticulous analysis and research to ensure that it will provide the best returns for the investors. All of the profits made from the investment will be returned to the initial fund, which will contribute to higher UCAP token cost.

To ensure the transparency and accountability of the project, UNICAP applied the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Bank system. This system allows real-time transactions, including funding, withdrawal, and borrowing the cryptocurrency tokens. Through the DeFi bank system, users can take part in the investment by agreeing to the Smart Contract, which allows them to provide funds and creating withdrawal from their investment without any problems. Afterward, investors will be notified about the maximum number of loans in which they can take participation. Meanwhile, if the borrower exceeds his maximum loan amount, the system will automatically start liquidating the user’s asset to minimize the user’s loss.

A UCAP CETF divides ownership of itself into tokens that are held by token holders. The token holders indirectly own the assets of the fund. Token Holders are entitled to a share of the profits, and they would be entitled to any residual value if the fund undergoes liquidation.
CETF may be attractive as investments because of their low costs, asset aggregation, and tradability.

Cryptocurrency Loan Protocol. UNICAP DeFi Bank is a crypto digital currency deposit and loan protocol that supports deposit, withdrawal, as well as borrowing and paying at any time. Through
automatic procedures (smart contracts) deployed on the blockchain system, investors can quickly obtain returns without any obstacle, and borrowers can quickly and easily obtain financial support after providing appropriate collateral.

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