What is the end goal?

in #eternity2 years ago (edited)

We are all the eternal joker in disguise.

There is no goal, no path, no method, no way.

You cannot move nor can you not move.

There is simply what there is, the self and other are One.

Thus, my action is one with the action of the world,

and the action of the world is one with my action.

All boundaries of difference are coterminous with boundaries of unity.

You have thrown yourself from infinity into temporality for fun,

because if you were God the last thing you would do is become aware of IT.

Stay away from evil things like you would stay away from poisonous snakes.

You don't need a reason not to do evil. Or to do good.

You just Are and that is enough.

Free of craving, suddenly life is miraculous.

You are smack in the middle of eternity and the world is your oyster.

Creation is what you are, for you have created it.

There is no creator and created, there is simply process of creative existence, which is eternal.

Create beautiful art. That is the eternally present possibility.

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