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As a time frame society that lives on the headway of the innovation, logical, innovation, computerized, and advance, progress toward becoming things that horribly on the purpose of our life. this stuff conjointly present to US a vast effect on anyway we tend to see the existence that we have a tendency to live and what we wish to attempt and do amid this life. What's more, amid this time, huge numbers of us have to broaden the length of their period.

It's exceptionally potential to attempt and do, anyway the entrance thereto still unpleasantly uncommon and restrict. What's more, this is frequently wherever the Eternal Trust can take a territory, to be one among a conceivable key to achieving the more drawn out term.


Introduce With Eternal Trust

The access to legitimate science-based strategies which will increase the time period and be rising the life quality remains restricted and inaccessible. several of that technologies haven’t nevertheless been approved by laws, and unprocurable because of moral problems or want the extra analysis.

Eternal Trust may be a platform wherever someone will devise their own product and services that they have for his or her well-being, wherever the analysis cluster will analyze the potential demand for his or her latest development, and wherever the purchasers will making their own sensible Contract that may be making certain the autonomous buying of future services.

Why Eternal Trust?


Eternal Trusts combines hybrid intelligence and smart contracts to make the model of a traditional trust fund obsolete and provide an alternative, decentralized financial means to make a long-lasting impact. The “eternal” wallets of ET are built on a blockchain and can operate for centuries, turning to expert voting when needed to seek the best providers that can perform the purposes set by the settlers.

Eternal Trusts is a unique platform created by a team of developers to purchase services and products that are not yet available for sale! Such procedures as cloning, restoration of important processes after cryoanabiosis or after chemical therapy and similar complex services. Especially now there are more than 16 million millionaires in our world who would like to do everything possible to extend their lives.

But for no money it is still impossible to buy those services that have not been approved by the regulator and require additional research. The team solves this problem by creating a platform where anyone can order the goods and services required for it, and buyers who do not have any analogues of the product Eternal Trusts will buy services in the format of smart contracts.

The Problems and The Solutions


Creating platforms in such a way with the advantages that other services in the world needs the right technology, and also modern. This ambition is a capital for the Eternal trust team to maximize performance. Various problems will be tried to be addressed effectively. The first problem to be solved is the inability of people to find and buy certain services because of technological constraints and lack of research to develop.

The main problem is also caused by lack of support from the government. So that causes the research to be inhibited and never find a solution. Other problems will be solved with the Eternal Trust. For example, the problem with the difficulty of people finding bio materials as storage and selecting contractors for the service. The solution offered is to provide Biotechnology Supervisory Board services.

The Eternal Trust also resolves the asset issues that must be granted to beneficiaries by minimizing the costs required to manage them. Lack of understanding of life defenses properly because of lack of food, housing, communications, transportation, etc. will be resolved by the presence of suitable health services for them. Clients are also given the opportunity to specify the duration in the contract they have made.

Is this platform reliable?


Eternal Trust will provide comfort and strengthen bonding trust by minimizing the human factor in it. Most of the way is automated, included in the payment system. The stated objectives and customer trust contracts will be encrypted and stored in the Blockchain database. So that customer data is safe and not used by irresponsible party.

Eternal Trust consisting of various Futurists and scientists will try to find, examine, and observe solutions to the problems that exist. Especially the problems in biomaterial preservation, resuscitaion, cloning, or other health problems. Analysis that will be done by scientists will help solve the problems of mankind. Not only that, will be created various services with high quality.

Eternal Trust Products

To support the fulfillment of human needs that may be useful in the future, Eternal Trust will create the right solutions. This solution is formulated into several steps. The first step is to determine the objectives and what to do automation. After that determined method to realize it. Then the Eternal Trust team will establish the appropriate infrastructure.

Eternal Trust uses technology to protect assets from third parties through legal agreements. The assets will be organized under a secure and reliable system that can cover all financial components. Eternal Trust also leverages blockchain technology to support the creation of the best solution. Blockchain will create a decentralized system and secure data from theft.

Eternal Trust provides services in the form of securing client goals, as well as organizing client issues to create suitable solutions. Eternal Trust uses modern algorithm algorithms to secure the system from human factors. This enables high level security and prioritizes client needs.

Eternal trust provides several different payment services. The first service is intended for wealthy individuals. This service is strengthened by security and trust based on smart contract in blockchain security system. At this service, the minimum payment is $ 400,000 with a basic scenario of $ 1,000,000. The asset mangement fee is only 2%. Fee fees are also included for the storage of biomaterials in the long run.

The second service is for the middle-class individual. This service can be obtained for a fee of $ 70,000. The cost of management cost is only $ 8,000 paid annually. Clients will benefit from insurance. The cost for asset management is the same as the wealthy individuals program and includes the long-term cost of storing biomaterials.

Currently the blockchain system used in the Eternal Trust is Ethereum Blockchain. But gradually, this platform will switch to using a homemade blockchain technology. The method used is to analyze and observe more than 70 platforms. But there is no platform as complete as Eternal Trust.

Eternal Trust Business Model

– The payment for a detailed formulation of objectives for autonomous execution: 1,000 ETT tokens.

– The cost of accessing the platform to analyze the demand for new technologies: 1,000 ETT tokens.

– The cost of placing an objective on the platform for automatic execution is estimated at $7,000, paid for in tokens.

Eternal Trusts Token and ICO

The Eternal Trusts tokens (ETT) are available for potential platform users since March 22, 2018. ETT is a token based on ERC-20 protocol, which is deemed the industry standard. ETT Token’s core functionality:

  1. ETT token is «fuel» for programming purpose execution for clients.

  2. The infrastructure platform is well positioned to become a «Kickstarter» for launching new biomed services required by clients.

  3. Successful biomed projects that raised funds on the infrastructure platform will be allowed to sell services for ETT as well.

  4. Eternal Trusts will be paying for products, goods and services, necessary for clients in ETT tokens. The uniqueness of the token is not limited to its internal payments functionality for platform, neither its smart-contracted ability to pre-program future deals, nor its power to unlock innovations and service development value. ETT token will facilitate scientific progress in the directions that are highly required by customers and though bear high commercial potential.

The Roadmap


April 2018 Design of the global blockchain & smart contracts architecture (completed)

May 2018 Public launch of an Ethereum-based data storage MVP application. The MVP contains personal profiles for clients and providers, mechanisms of breaking down purposes, and user registration logic (completed)

June 2018 Distributed Oracles System added to the MVP

July 2018 Integration with other blockchains and autonomous file systems added

August 2018 Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) launched

October 2018 More than a hundred experts registered as Oracles on the platform

December 2018 Starting integration of AI as Oracles within «Purpose Execution Flow» scope

February 2019 Primary integration of AI into the distributed Oracle system within «Purpose Execution Flow»

April 2019 Starting the development of an ETT-based crowdfunding platform for R&D initiatives that can cover components from the «Provider waiting loop»

June 2019 Launch of the first batch of crowdfunding campaigns based on the Eternal Trusts smart contract ecosystem.

Eternal Trust Partners


For any questions, contact Eternal Trusts directly :

[email protected]

Eternal Trusts Holding
PTE. LTD. 176 JOO chiat road


For more Information please be connected with links bellow :

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