Beautiful Woman

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Most people define beauty based on how a woman looks, her shape, her colour, how she dresses, her wardrobe but I want to shake that table this evening. Honestly, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows where she is going; a purposeful and confident woman. Nothing can ever beat that. Take a look at Fela Durotoye and you will see how proud he is of his wife and of course the reason is glaring enough for all to see.

Don't settle for less, find yourself, use your gifings, talent, skills and all that God has blessed you with to impact the world. Refuse to be just a face in the crowd. Refuse to be the woman whose value and worth comes from physical and material things alone Be the woman your husband will be proud to show off to the woman.Be the woman that your kids would love to have as their role model. Be the kind of woman your family and friends will be proud to aasociate themselves with. Be the woman that the world will miss greatly after you are long gone.
Be beautiful
Be confident
Be purposeful. image


Upvoted. Yes, you are beautiful and confidence defines that beauty for sure like you are saying. It works two-folded from the inside out.

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