not working!!!!!

in etc •  last year

I'm going to stop using because it's not working as of today 12/8/2017. I can say that I will be using ETC for my mining for the time going on from here.ETH.png

This is the site I am using for mining with ETC.

ETH address 0x917531c64de816ebeb7a37fda69d28b81d9b468f
ETC address 0x4a37b9b388054bb67b136228367ffead5a37faaa
BTC address 1FQD7WRLoB613BR55735pgTYoXVUEzfSaR

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Be safe for the sake of your family and income.

I am not sure but I have read that the extreme amount of people trading in bitcoin recently has bogged down some servers. I wonder if this may have affected you as well.

Hopefully you can regain access to your wallet.


There is not a lot of money there but would be nice to have it.


Yeah I understand. I wish I had kept those "useless" few bitcoins I had back in the day. I could kick myself now.

nice to know about u that u mining coins and hope u get some good profit in ur work @phillip20


Thank you I have been mining for a few months now.I'm very happy to get going.