Proposal: Ethereum Classic Currency And Logo Conventions To Improve Communication And Avoid Expensive Mistakes

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ETC logo

Here are some proposed Ethereum Classic (ETC) conventions to improve communication and avoid expensive mistakes:

  • Refer to the currency as "ETC". Avoid the term "ether" whenever possible.

  • Use the International System (SI) or metric prefixes to denote divisions of currency as in kETC, nETC and aETC. Avoid the terms "wei", "szabo" and "finney" whenever possible.

  • Prefer the green clean minimalist logo on the ETC website over other choices.



The term "ether" is error prone for beginners as it can be confused with the Ethereum (ETH) currency. This can lead to expensive mistakes on cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, the ETH currency terms "wei", "szabo" and "finney" are also confusing for beginners. The inventors of blockchain technology deserve to be honored. However, there are better ways to do that than to complicate currency transactions. Also, using the same consistent logo will improve marketing efforts. Finally, these conventions are another way to positively distinguish ETC from ETH and improve investor confidence.


The proposed conventions are based on the current standard currency code, "ETC", and the de facto standard logo on the ETC website. It is only necessary to continue using them and avoid other choices whenever possible. The SI or metric prefixes are already well known throughout the entire world and will be immediately recognized without any effort needed:

SI prefixes

The choice that will likely get used the most, in addition to ETC, is aETC since many objects in software denote funds using this smallest possible division of currency.


Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. You can also contact me by clicking any of these icons:

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I would like to thank IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) for funding this effort.



This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


I think moving away from the term Ethereum is a move in the wrong direction. Ethereum Classic needs to take ownership of the word Ethereum and thus should be doing everything possible to show the world that it is the true Ethereum while the other is just a fork that should have a different name. On a marketing level why start a new brand when you already have substantial control over an already established brand name that many in (and outside) the space know and respect? Ethereum Classic is Ethereum not Expanse.

Thanks for your comment. I'm confused why you think anyone is proposing we move away from "Ethereum". The platform will always be "Ethereum Classic". No one is proposing to change that.

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