Photography of the world's most exciting mating insects

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Hello my friends steeminan.

this time I will try to show photography of marrying attack. there are also eight types of marriage attacks that I capture in this blog.
how do you feel seeing a mating insect ....???
see the answer below ..Ok

Apparently the insect is a creatonos moth gangis males who are wanting to mate. The long, long haired body part of the coremata is pheromone, according to Hari Sutrisno, researcher of LIPI moths, to BBC Indonesia.

We actually used to see this moth, but it seems strange because rarely anyone managed to immortalize it in the condition of issuing coremata, because it was wanted to marry.

1)how to marry a dragonfly

What do you think is the most horrible insect or the most peculiar way of marriage? Have you ever seen their mating activity in person? Apparently there are many sadistic yes! Lucky we are born as human beings, so do not have to feel such a brutal mating process.

2) Fireflies (fireflies)

Fireflies are known for their beauty with lights that turn out to be a way for males to attract the attention of females.

The problem is, there is one species of cruel female fireflies: they will mimic the female behavior of certain firefly species, make the species stud close to it, catch the males to marry it, then eat it.

Experts say that the sperm of the male firefly attracts a special species female to eat it.

3). Honeybees (honeybees)

In the honeybee population, the males are numerous. Thousands of males will race to marry queen bees, but only a few succeed.

The problem is, when the male bee is married, the penis and the tissue of the stomach will be torn from his body. Not long after that he will die just like that. A great struggle for marriage, yes.

4) Cockroaches cockroaches (kissing cockroaches)

This madagascar giant cockroach cock is a vulgar and abusive creature. The man always sounds "furious" and forces the female to mate. The man marries her females in a way that is more like "raping".

The male will clutch and urge the female to a corner. Most people would think they were fighting when they were married. But fellow males are known to be rough with each other.

5) Moth creatonos gangis

A netizen shocked insects when a man from Kebumen, Central Java, Heri Sukmana (27) uploaded his photos and videos on his Facebook account.

Initially he uploaded just to ask what the insect is and why the behavior and shape is so horrible. Unexpectedly it turned out to be viral worldwide.

Loading video ...!!!!!!

6)Bed bugs (bedbugs) kutu

Bed bugs are notoriously cruel, they unwittingly bite and suck the human blood that sleeps on the mattress where they live. Their mating technique is even more sadistic.

Male lice will pierce the female in the abdomen with the tapered genitals, then the females will be fertilized through the punctures produced by the puncture.

Due to the low brain function of mattress fleas, the stud lice can not distinguish the genitals of his opponent, so he will stab fellow male and membuahinya just (of course without result). Wow!

7)Beetle bugs (Soapberry bugs)

Lady beetle beetle is quite rare compared to males. Therefore, the males will actually lock the females as they begin to mate. The male beetle will thrust its genitals into the back of the female and will continue so for the next 11 days.

For most people who see, this will look like the conjoined twin beetles that are connected at the bottom, whereas they are married.

8)Grasshopper (praying mantis)

The shape is unique and can be recognized immediately, but a worship mantis is one of the most sadistic insects because of its cannibalism.

The female devotees will spread pheromones to attract the attention of the males. They will then marry, with a special "sacrifice". The female devotees will break, chew and eat the head of the male during or after they are married.

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