"O" mother bless me; An original poetry

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Hello dear steemit friends!


A son can be bad son,
A mother never be bad mother.

Pain ebbout by blessings hand
Her life is devotee for other.

No one can be free from her debt
How SHE cares her child

Pours her love equally to her children
Mother is the statue of mild

Satisfied with being hungry
Let never goes hungry her child

The same person can know the value of the mother
Who has lost her as a orphan

O mother once blessed me,
Much need me your blessings than heaven

I can feel Your blessings hand,
Thou mother missing you awaken.

Feel you every where in existence
Restless eyes searching you often.

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My mother is the best of all
In the world
Can not find a mother
Turn around the whole world.

Mother's smile to me
Priced from everything
My mother got sad
I will never give up.

Get a little pain
Mother thinks about me
Serve me with a nursery
Makes it healthy.

My mother never gives me
Cry me
After crying my mother asked me
Many cuddle

Mom is more than myself
Loves a lot
As far as the trouble comes to her
Think about me


That's great reply brother.
Yes! Mother is the best of all in the world.
Thank you brother for your heart touching reply

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You are welcome brother. I love my mother

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