Love Me, Don't Leave Me - Poetry About Animal Cruelty

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Love Me, Don't Leave Me


Sittin)g on the snowy ground,
Head up, looking around.
Will they come back to him?
The lights are getting dim.

5 years he was faithful,
They seemed grateful.
He did whatever he was told,
He had a heart of gold.

Then the little one came,
And things were not the same.
They barely say hi,
Not even a good-bye.

All he did was growl and bark,
At something in the dark.
He tried to scare the rat away,
Before it got to the little one’s way.

Then now they chained him there,
Leaving him alone without a care.
No water or food,
He does not feel good.

Will they come back and take him home?
Pls. don’t leave me alone.
There was no need for alarm.
I was not going to do her harm.

If you can not love your pet the way he loves you with unconditional love, please don't bother to buy or get one. They have feelings too.

This just came to me after seeing a story about an abandoned dog.



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