Fiftywords Challenge For the Week - The Dream Fulfilled

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Here I am again with @jayna's fiftywords challenge. Such a simple prompt yet so hard - chocolate

My entry for the challenge:




Mazeleen walked down the ramp with her head held high. The judges looked up in awe. She moved gracefully and elegantly. Her clothes hugged her tall lithe body and she knew the colours looked good with her chocolate skin tone. She is tall, dark and beautiful. She won first place.

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And I almost shunned reading this post become of the prompt. Rising sugar level you know. But it was nice to read the dream of doing that catwalk. Loved it.

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Great Post 😆

She really is stunning! Nice story, @purpledaisy57.

One thing: be sure to review the rules for images. (Pinterest is not a Creative Commons site.) Thanks!


oh ok I will look for another picture on pixbay thanks!


Ok I found one on Pexels another site in your suggestions not as elegant but almost lol hope it is ok now


That one is really nice too! Thanks for doing that. :-)

Magnificent, she.