This is awesome but 3 secondssss hahahaha :D Thanks for such a contest! :)

beautiful contest and milestone its programs and people like you who are helping steemit grow and adopt steem more.

Excellent competition, I will definitely participate !!!

@ijmmai you knew this?

yes, I read it some days ago, mentioned it on the alldutch discord server as well.
Should be fun to play around with.
Will you participate?

Three seconds will require some planning, it is very short :)

I think I will try, and that will probably be it... when I try, I never like it, I am not technical enough to give it a good explanation, but you are !

There is always trial and error involved.
Designs are hardly ever a first try thing.
But I understand what you are saying.
I do have an idea about what I want to do, if it will work out the way I picture it in my head... time will tell :)

During that 3 seconds you can say eSteem application or Steem blockchain.

I'll like to know, is this what we are to do/say or this is just a suggestion? Because I have something completely different in mind.

I guess that should be edited. Thanks

WARNING! The comment below by @shovon51 leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

I took a video with poem about eSteem by three seconds. I very tried hard and I really want to win! Here is my job :)

Congratulations @good-karma that esteem is gaining a lot of popularity. It reveals your and your team hard work dedication and devotion. Thanks for arranging a nice contest. but 3 seconds isn't it enough. All the best @good-karma

Thanks for the contest, @good-karma & @esteemapp!

3 second of concentrated creativity: this is a very interesting challenge, I'll try it!

A big hug from @amico! ;)

I almost gave up but I found out that the post payout is still hours away. Here is my entry:

Let's try to do something different.This is a very nice innovative competition.

Nice one! I may give it a shot :-)

This is a creative contest. A different type on the blockchain. Nice one

thanks @good-karma this is a very interesting contest, and I will race here.

hello friends ,,, hopefully more successful esteem future, I am ready to work for esteem to whatever, and whatever its contribution. our passion in esteem for all (EFA)

Hi @good-karma

I will participate in this contest. esteem is always in the heart. greetings from Aceh

Wish all the best, and good luck

it going to be a awesome contest.
thanks esteem team for arrange such type of contest.

Sir did not come upvote for many days from my esteem. Please give upvote to my post.

Reputiation 49 and still asking for upvotes? That is weird.

It is stated everywhere, upvotes are NOT granted. There are way more users than before, so it gets harder to be the one who gets upvoted. Just keep writing good content, use the esteem tag. They will find you.

Thank you to this information, I like to this contest

every eSteemian is very happy to hear this contest including me, thank you to @good-karma

wow ... allow me to join in this contest. ha ha

Very useful, we will always follow you ,,, allow me to resteem.

nice contest.
I am also interested to it

3 seconds act video with 300-500 words explanation??? Wow

well, the big prize goes to the most innovative and creative entries. the idea is to surprise us, check out #esteemian tag for some great entries..

I like your publication, it's interesting. Allow me to follow you ...

Very interesting contest...
Hope all Steemian can join...
This must be very fun...😀☕❤

it going to be awesome, esteem always provide best support.

Wow..this is really nice.
Let me start thinking

A contest makes the heart throb, what should try?

wonderful contest @good-karma. the contest sounds cool. thanks for launching this contest. it is pretty good. the reward is very massive. thanks alot

Terima kasih infonya , selamat pada esteem dan @good-karma semoga sukses selalu

positivity is the best tivity.

Wow, amazing. Bravo eSteem.
I salute you and the team, who always support the users of the application, either by vote or with contes.

I like this contest, I hope to win this contes, thank you to @good-karma

This contest is awesome, I hope to win this contest, thank you to @good-karma

wow ,, this is very impressive for esteem community, may esteem keep developing mr @good-karma

Follow me @good-karma i need your vote

I see you

eSteem is always successful, and continues to grow throughout the world.

Im happy to know your contest

Great! i will participate once again..

ยอดเยียม ผมอยากร่วมนะแต่ติดเรื่องภาษา

Thanks for this nice contest..... Really You are good 😊

Ini contes yang sangat bagus dan bermanfaat bagi kita juga

esteem is indeed extraordinary. I am very sad to see people who get support from you. because I never once got it.
I upvote and resteem

it's a wonderful contest. esteem always has a bug surprise. love you always.

300-500 words about 3 sec video? c'mon guys! my whole life could be described in 100 words or even less! :)

time to show your creativity :) 300-500 words to explain what motivated your video and you can talk about eSteem too. visit the #esteemian tag for some great entries...

Great post & contest ,Look so interesting
Thanks for great sharing ^^ Happy weekend !!

I had a question that was what I would write in the title and I could not understand the three-second video you were talking about, if it was a little better to explain

This contest is very interesting and useful. Thank you for creating.

congratulations on the great achievements

It's an opportunity to crack the dragons golden egg and you will get all the gold, it's depend on who dare to mess with the dragon, with original and most realistic work.

I haven't used esteem before, but now I look at the main page it looks interesting!! I think I'll download it for now.

Can I still take part? What could I do in 3 seconds anyway?

You know, this is really creative contest... !!

creativity can be displayed in 3 seconds too ;) glad to have you on eSteem and do join us on discord too!

Interesting to follow this contest, I am very proud of you throughout your team. I always use self-esteem. Thank you @good-karma

Greetings from atjeh

wow ,, this is very impressive for esteem community, may esteem keep developing mr @good-karma

wow ,, this is very impressive for esteem community, may esteem keep developing mr @good-karma

wow ,, this is very impressive for esteem community, may esteem keep developing mr @good-karma

Hi sir i am @mdmizanurrahm i am in steemit new agent, please give me your upvote, i am follow with you sir please sir, thank you for your post sharing sir @good-karma

Oh manh that is not how it works,. Just create quality contents either beneficial articles, motivational, inspiring, talk about your passion or you may share what you've got about the digital world including crypto community. Believe me, not only sir @good-karma will look onto your articles but also the rest of the whales and curators.

Hai steemians

from @good-karma "If you want a better upvote, use more time to create great content than asking for upvote

A perfect celebration tradition for all eSteem users,
Hopefully this will be happier for all successful users always for you and I will try it

wow, this is a very good idea ..., thanks sir. I will soon follow the contest

Wow, amazing. Bravo eSteem...:)

I am a new member
And already consider myself right to member esteem
Esteemians so nice to meet you all
I will be glad to participate in this sweet contest

We are so excited!

Whoaaa!!! Nice!

Aha ! 3 seconds, I will try.

Hi @good-karma ,I had heard lot about esteem app from my friend @geetharao ,but unable to upload ,this time I will make a try again,thanks for the opportunity.

please try again, there was server outage for couple hours yesterday... should be working again.

Allow GIF ?
If i make it into a 3 seconds gif? Ok?

This will definitely be an interesting contest. i will surely participate in this.
Thank you for this opportunity @good-karma

Intersting contest.
Thank you for your kindheart to held this contest. Every steemian hope to get express about happines when join in steemit. i hope can gat benefit from this platform and build good network and a big family, STEEMIT.
As a newbie we need your support to grow well and no sink in the steemit ocean.

I think this is the most unique contest. Only 3 second for doing the best in video. It will be fun!

Thanks for the contest to all of #esteemian

buenas,aqui visitando su post,soy venezolana que ando buscando aqui la manera de generar ingresos para sobrevivir a la crisis economica que se esta viviendo en mi pais,espero contar con su aporte ,apoyo y amistad,lo estoy siguiendo e invito a visitar mi blog,agradezco su apoyo,gracias

Nice one, @good-karma! Can I use my phone cam or Nikon D750 cam to record my 3-second video?

the creativity and the execution matters, the device can be any! all the best :)

Sweet! I'll get to work tomorrow then... Thanks!

Thanks for this opportunity and congratulations on your 3,000 followers @good-karma.

Ace idea :)

I would so much love to participate

very interesting, I really like the application of esteem, hopefully increasing its members and faster developing, thanks @good-karma

yes thanks good-karma, but i really need upvote from you because my post is always no value, while i always make post through esteem.

Sir please up vote on my any post😀🙏🙏

I appreciate your work and for your support to the new and veteran steemians. I felt good to read about the contest initiated by [email protected] as no amount of SBD is required for participation. In most of the contest it is said to send some amount of sbd. Thank you for your good work.

This is going to be fun

How Could We Do In 3 seconds ,, wkwkwkw but we've find our great idea for that

Can we participate if i use esteem window based app

Yes, that is what is called eSteem Surfer, and is mentioned in the description.

3 sec? oh so cool , i haven't the app must download it , I will definitely participate :>

Three seconds...little hard but will try

not that hard! check out the #eSteemian tag for some idea :)

Congratulations! great contest and excellent way to reward imagination and creativity, from now preparing my entry

Nice contest... I'm bringing my A game

Dang. I'm horrible at videos, but you've got my vote on this post, at least. I love using Surfer, though!

Berita yang sangat bagus,nice post

Glad I didn't miss this. A great initiative. I appreciate all you do.
@good-karma posting is so much more fun with the #esteem app. / @esteem

amazing, i will try it

Great initiative my dear friend... I will participate in this contest.. Hopefully I will win the contest as I need the steem for my Free School Project...

Hi, i have put my entry in Indonesian postby zikra, but i will put again in this post.

Thank you.

How to upload a video.. Via DLive? Then how can we post throu esteem ??

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Thanks a lot for this e-awesome contest.

Here is my entry.

I am eSteemian 😎

Cheers 🍻

just awesome think. i am very interseted to join these steemian contest. i wish i am the first winner!

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