I am eSteemian! The most original video-poem to Esteem on 3 seconds!You must to see it!!!

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I have been looking for a project for a long time, where I can express myself and earn money in parallel. It was time and I got acquainted with the project Steemit. At first it was possible from time to time to catch earnings at random. But then began a sharp decline of Steem and SteemDollar and earnings stopped! Even in people with high earnings began a sharp decline. And some Steemians started go into or depression or panic.
I recently got acquainted with the Esteem. Esteem project - it is not just a great and user-friendly platform, it is also support steemians, in order to they do not go in despair and do not feel hopeless and believed in that, that soon Steem expects a better future and all of us too.
For ease of use of Esteem. The creators created a program for smartphones - eSteemMobile. This app can be downloaded to your phone and you can write messages directly while you are on the move. For example, you go by bus, taxi, tram, trolleybus, train, and the like. And instead of conducting empty chatter or looking at the window, you can usefully use your time. Taking a phone, by turning on eSteemMobile, upload photos, writing text - wow, article are ready!

The "I am eSteemian" contest is a great opportunity to express your emotions and gratitude @good-karma for this wonderful project and contest!
By the way, about three hours I made a screensaver for this post. So in order to she was clear and in order to she could briefly convey information hidden in this post. Well and of course, in order to she was fun and bright - in short I want to win! And I was preparing a poem for you. I decided to make an original video and tell for three seconds the verse of motivation and mood up. This is kind of like that such a small, for three-second characteristic of eSteem.

Everything! I love you all and I wish you and myself all the winnings in this contest "I am eSteemian"!
More details about this contest "I am eSteemian" in the article - https://steemit.com/@good-karma/i-am-esteemian-contest-with-over-300-sbd-reward-bebfd5a8e8d38est


very good friend publication, it's super interesting. I hope you continue to publish content like that, you have my support. I also invite you to visit my profile so they can see my content.

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