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Welcome to Steemit Community broda...
Happy to see you here!!!
Looking forward for some amazing content from you.
There are some basic things that can give your blog or post some more light;

  • Markdown- Learn how to use Markdown for creating a Post. It is very Easy and it Beautfies your post.

  • The use of tags at the end. Choose the first tag appropiately as it cant be changed and also it should be common tag that defines the post, like here you could have used quotes. The tags give visiblity coz it is tags which hitherto clicked brings the audience to your post. And you can choose 5 tags separated with just a space.
    There are some common tags used, look for them and use them accordingly to give your post more visibilty and visibility means more upvotes/likes and more $.

  • Be original, Don’t copy and Paste coz there are some bots who reverse search each and Every Post to look for any plagirism. This is the Primary Thing on Steemit.

  • We have a community here indulge in the comments with others to gain their interest and also Support.

  • Join our kashmiri Community here

Here are some links to get you started with the basics: