Enjoy the Pain, A Lot to Gain!

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To develop a good volleyball strength begins in the weight room, and it's important that your athletes are doing the right exercises that set a solid foundation. These allows athletes to then work on power development by keeping them in safe positions when exploding through the power movements required in volleyball.

I am one of the winning coaches of Volleyball for Elementary Category. We will be representing our municipality for the Congressional Sports Meet this September. We were asked to attend a 3-day sports training on coaching and officiating volleyball game from August 29-31, 2018 to learn more about tactics and coaching techniques.

Yesterday was really tiresome yet very fun. We were asked to perform all the drills and exercises that we could give with our own players. These drills can be used during trainings.






Our activity lasted the whole morning session and I have really felt how tired my muscles are. My heart was really beating fast and even my breathing. I was so tired but it was fun. We learned new things which we can apply when we go back to our school with our own players.

When you are really into sports, you also need to work out and perform the needed drills. Even us teachers/ coaches should do them properly so that we could show our own players how they are done correctly. But we have to deal with sore muscles. hahah

Anyways, I am glad to attend the training because there are some things which I am doing wrong so I can now correct them. As what others say, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. However, if you are practicing the wrong way, it's another story. So, it should be CORRECT PRACTICE MAKES IT PERFECT.

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