A Thought to Ponder..❤

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Sugar is sweet.
For others, sugar is life.
For some, sugar is a sin.

For me, sugar is greater than an additive. It represents a very big word that most of us are lacking which I really wish people should not forget.

SUGAR in our Lives may also represent KINDNESS.

The feeling of fulfillment and appreciation that you get when you show kindness not only to your family but also to others really taste like SUGAR. It is very sweet.

I feel glad whenever I know I have helped those who asked. I actually feel happy today I was able to help. I don't need to tell everyone what I did. I didn't ask for something in return because seeing how happy they were is already enough to make my day.

So, my fellow steemians, let us try to add a little sugar in our lives not only today but everyday for the rest of our lives. We can just start with even ordinary things until it becomes our habit.



How did the word sugar come to mean something "good and beneficial"?
Rats love strychnine is that because of "it's good and beneficial to rats?"

Make no mistake . . . sugar is an insidious danger of death.
It is a dark crystal that should not be allowed in a home.

Too harsh? I hope so!

Sweeten your food with grapes.

H. G.

hey sir H.G. I forgot you hate sugar...

Hmmm...I just compared how "sweet" it is to be kind to others with sugar...😘😘😘

My thought here was just for people to remember how to be kind because it is a sweet thing to do.

No offense or anything meant...☺

And just like sugar..too much kindness is not good since most people could use that against you..as too much sugar could kill you...

NO! My love . .. sugar, is death as sure as we breathe. Please look at this and understand it.

Until then, you can not understand what it takes to be human.
I know that you will understand.

H. G.

I understand what you mean sir...❤❤❤


One person at a time, yanzel.
That' all we get.

Definitivamente tal vez a algunos nos pueda faltar un poco más de Azúcar en nuestras vidas para tratar de aliviar las tenciones del dia a dia @yanzel4lyf

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