Been Gone Too Long

in #esteemapp4 years ago

I have been so busy since Dec. 2019 up to Jan 2020. After being sick for almost a month and still recovering, I am trying to get back to writing.

Dec. was busy because aside from being the Christmas or holiday season, my older brother was able to come home to visit my mother after 8 long. Years. He was on dialysis and just had a kidney transplant Feb. 2019. His doctor allowed him to come home.

In Jan 2020 my college had our 40th reunion or ruby from Nursing. A lot of my classmates abroad arrived and we had 1 week of activities and get-togethers. It was so fun but also tiring and expensive.


As jubillarians we were given medals, ours had red ribbons while the other jubillarian like the golden, emerald and sapphire had the color of their year like gold, green and blue.

I miss writing and saw so many changes in a span of almost 2 months.

Since I am slowly getting back will try to post at least one a day.

March I will be busy again because my daughter is coming home for my 60th birthday!


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