Let's talk about eSteem!

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Let's keep talking about eSteem!


All @esteemapp users can help do some eSteem marketing and see if we can help Steem prosper!

As an eSteem curator and long-time user I have access to some ESTM and will award them, at my discretion, to eSteemapp promoters.

This week, let's earn ESTM for sharing posts on Twitter!

You can Tweet any post that is about eSteem. It can be your own post, or you may tweet a post from @esteemapp, or a post from a friend that talks about eSteem.

You must use Twitter hashtags #eSteem, #steem and @cryptocurrency

You may share your Twitter links below in the comments and to qualify your link must be a https://esteem.app link. You may retweet this post.

After 7 days I will reward 20 ESTM Per Tweet for your efforts! Maximum 100 ESTM per user. Please use the same comment post and edit in all of your links to make it easier for me to tally them up!

Write a Review from last week continues. Post your review in the comments here to earn ESTM.


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Pardon me but sometimes I’m really facing some troubles with the using eSteem app as I am using an iPhone iOS update version is the new update coming for this esteem app please let me know.

I believe there are updates coming soon, but I am not certain of the timing. I'm sorry that you are having problems. @thesobuz

Did you go to 'help' on Discord?

Hi , that problem fixed but don’t know the reason of it

Internet magic! Or maybe @esteemapp wizardry! I'm just happy it works for you now.

Are you using latest version? Let us know what issues you have experienced so we can fix them before next release. v2.2.3 is almost ready...

Hi thanks for your reply I am using the latest version and yes I’m having some problems so hoping to get new version by next week thanks for your feedback again.

I also think esteem can be a great bridge to the mainstream! Awesome project

That’s where we are headed 😉

@business10x I am so excited to see what the future holds! Thanks for commenting!

Yes me too! Only time will tell, and we have time right :D. No no no no, the pleasure was mine, thank you for your reaction!

Thanks for share your valuable information

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Thanks! You are first!

My reward sir ?

They will be paid out in 7 days. You can do more tweets and get a bigger reward!

Can I share it Facbook or more share

I am not much of a FB user, so I prefer this to be Twitter shares!

Your all posting shares

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It can be any post that is posted from eSteemapp and talks about eSteem. Does that make it more clear.

I sent some ESTM to you! Thanks for Tweeting about @eSteem!

I am very thankful for you

Thanks for mentioning eSteem app. Kindly join our Discord or Telegram channel for more benefits and offers on eSteem, don't miss our amazing updates.
Follow @esteemapp as well!

I actually have no clue what eSteem is! There are so many STEEM dapps now I can't keep up!

ESteemapp is an app for your phone so that you can take Steem with you everywhere! It is available through Google Playstore for an Android phone or the Appstore for an iphone.
ESteem Surfer is a wonderful front end site that you can use on your PC. It has some great features and you can earn ESTM for everything you do there, along with earning Steem.

ah! That's why I haven't come across it then. I'm old school and don't use my phone much for posting on anything!!



Comments can not get TRDO reward!

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

To view or trade TRDO go to steem-engine.com
Join TRDO Discord Channel or Join TRDO Web Site

oh! :P

Thanks for the Tokens! Now you know that eSteem is available if you ever have a need for it. I do everything on Steem from my phone and can't imagine being without it!

Esteem aplikasion is the best

❤️ Agreed!

I love esteem 💘. Thank you for your work in curating. I will try to give a tweet.

Hope to see a tweet or two from you!


I wish it would work for me daily but it does not. I find the app hard working with. Each link I need to change into a steemit.com one. Even I use the app on my mobile phone it does not start up if I click on such a link. Only at times I use it. In my diaries I asked about some struggles but the answer never came. Happy day. 💕

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I'm sorry you are struggling with it. Maybe I can help answer questions if you tag me or send me a message. @wakeupkitty

Hi, let me know what issues you experienced so our team can fix it before new release.

What then to do with ESTM? Are they traded on the stock exchange?

Not yet. But keep an eye out for Steemit's Smart Media Tokens! I'm busy earning and stackin ESTM points! Now you can use ESTM to gift, sponsor and promote. I will be using gift to pay out rewards here, and I used sponsor to get this post pinned onto eSteem's feed.

👍 ok

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You're the best. This idea is wonderful!💕👍

Hope to see some tweets from you! I love paying out rewards to loyal eSteem users!

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I Use it every day ... and it work very good :) I also like very Surfer too, Surfer is very good when you make BIG posts and small app is good to do small and fast things.
Now I go share it in my pages and also in my Twitter :) I hope also my all other photos help there in Twitter to get more users to see this cool app and Surfer :)

Lets make esteem get big and also lets help get steem price get more up :)


You are a great eSteem supporter! Remember to talk about eSteem and then share your Twitter links here this week so that I can award you some ESTM!

I try make it 😋😉

Share the Twitter link to your tweet of this post.

is it ok now :)))

That's great, but I need it to be posted on @esteemapp and then shared to Twitter.


I sent you some ESTM @foxkoit. Thanks for Tweeting about eSteem!

Thank you!! :)

My pleasure! I'm trying to think what the next eSteem contest should be. Let me know if you have ideas!

Let all to do small video and post it in Twitter. Where is also text in "Esteem"


eSteem is the bomb. This is an excellent way to encourage promotion!
@tipU curate 3.0

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Thanks! I'm hoping for lots of tweets this week!

Are you using esteem on your phone? I gave up on trying to download it when I ran into problems... Maybe I should try again...

Do download the latest version! I have never used anything except @esteemapp since I started on Steem. I love my phone!

I have already retweeted.

Post the link here and I'll send you some ESTM at the end of the week.


@face2face I sent some ESTM to you! Thanks for Tweeting about @eSteem!

Great! I seen that. Thanks a lot!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Check the latest update to learn more about me.
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Thanks, Pix!

I always use eSteem in my posts! I don't know how will I thrive in Steemit without it! But I do not have a twitter account. 😢

I'm not good on Twitter either! No worries. Do you use eSteemapp on your phone? Have you written a Playstore review? I can still send you some ESTM for doing that!

Yes, I'm using eSteemapp on my phone, it's convenient for me. Hahaha. Nope, haven't written a review yet. 😢

Write one and post your comment and I will send you some ESTM!

Congratulations @melinda010100!
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Thanks, @arcange! 😊

ESteem for the win!!! Get out of FB now!!!! :)

Thank you Melinda for sharing and helping this community grow! Excited for the future thats for sure.
I retwetted and reposted this post.. Here is the link from twitter :)


God bless

Thanks for the support! Much appreciated.

@joshuafootball I sent some ESTM to you! Thanks for Tweeting about @eSteem!

I downloaded esteem after almost a year and it is refreshing to see that the app has grown so much and has gotten so much better! It hardly gets stuck anymore!

I think it is pretty perfect and will be even more perfect with the upcoming updates!

Great! Thanks!

I sent some ESTM to you! Thanks for Tweeting about @eSteem!

Thank you very much :)

@seckorama I sent some ESTM to you! Thanks for Tweeting about @eSteem!


@ahmadmagna I sent some ESTM to you! Thanks for Tweeting about @eSteem!


@mrnightmare89 I sent some ESTM to you! Thanks for Tweeting about @eSteem!


Random question, I love @esteemapp, however why is there no search function when I browse latest,new or my own feed?

I looked but I seem to always have a search bar at the top no matter where I am in eSteemapp. @horpey

hahahah sorry I thought that was only to see the link didnt know you could use it to seearch , whoop!!! thanks

No worries! It took me forever to realize that if I wanted to search for a username I had to use @ and if I was searching for a tag I had to put in the # first! There are so many features here that I feel like I am always discovering something new, and about the time I have it figured out they add even more! I do love this app!

Yeah it's amazing :)

Great writing