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After my colleague @angelbless for almost 11 years was terminated here at work due to company stability, I left with no one to eat with during lunch time and everyday it is a struggle. I am an introvert kind of person and for 12 years here working at the United Arab Emirates, she was the only person I talk about my sentiments, problems almost everyday, well aside of course with my husband and sometimes my sister. Can you imagine that for almost 11 years that we've been together, I haven't been to her house even in occasions? It is because I am not really into going out. Haha!

So here it is. Since she left last July 2019, I eat my packed lunch everyday alone. After eating, I go outside to kill time since I got 1 hour break and eating alone makes me eat faster. I go to gift collection store where this shop offers 1-10 AED prices to all of its products. I told my husband about what I feel so he offer to eat with me during lunch in the car. Haha! So his schedule would be, everyday, he'll wait outside at our office at 1:00 PM and eat then he'll go home while I go back to work. Now, I am always looking forward for lunch breaks just like before because I get to eat with my most favorite person.



Thanks for sharing and thanks for ulogging.

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