Happy Birthday to my Dear Father!!!

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Good Day Steemians😊😊😊

I want to invite you all for today's celebration😊It's my father's 63rd Birthday.😊I don't have a budget to have a grand celebration,but my love and my sisters loved for him is so grand.😊😊😊We super loved him to the moon and back,even sometimes his so ****"pasaway"**😜lol😊.Other's says it the sign of aging😊😊😊
We wish him good health always.Because as we see him,healthy and happy every second,minute,day and so on and so forth we both happy also.😊😊😊We thank this all to our dear God for giving us such a kind hearted,caring man to our lives(w/ my sister)Again Happy Happy Birthday Papa😘We love you always😘Mwahhhugssss😘😘😘

Thats all for now steemians😊Keep safe and God Bless.Thank you!!!

truly yours,


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Happy birthday sa imo papa dai. 😀 Bisag late ra. Hehehe