Corona virus Javed Chaudhry

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Corona virus Javed Chaudhry

Victor hails from the Italian city of Milan, supplies garments to garment factories, is 62 years old and lives in a small village on the outskirts, Victor has been critically ill for two months, has had fever, nausea and colds.
And his body also had pain, but he continued to work despite his illness.

Accustomed to forty years of exercise, the world of fever also kept jogging and swimming,
the fever recovered and it started living according to the routine; reports of Corona virus started coming from China in December 2019, the world was attracted to the virus,
In Europe, when investigations were launched, it was found that Italy had the highest number of patients after China.

The Italian government has further investigated, found that most of the Corona virus patients belong to the regions of Milan and Venice, the government immediately issued a alarm alarm, you may be surprised to know that Mariano del Faruli is a small village, Karuna means crown (Crown).
In Europe, in 1918, the outbreak of influenza was rampant, killing five million people.

In Europe, with the United States also 6 million 75 thousand people were killed, medical scientists believed that the virus had gone from the village of Corona, Italy,
and that it had arrived in Spain in horrific shape, so that it was named Krona.
Over time, humans have become immune to the corona virus, so by December 2019,
we were all prone to cocaine half a year.

We also had diarrhea, sore throat and fever, but it was fine for a few days, although medical science declared Karuna non-hazardous but then a new one in December 2019 in Wuhan, China.
The virus came out, it was an advanced type of virus krona, as scientists named it the novel krona virus, it was also deadly and destructive, the krona virus went from Italy to China or it came from China to Italy.
The decision has not yet been made, but the fact has come to the fore that by March 2020, China is not the center of the Karuna virus and it is rapidly moving from Italy to Europe and the Center.
Life is spreading in Asia.

It is affecting more people in the northern parts of Italy,
probably because of the old virus in their blood, the virus is flowing into their blood from Sosal, when Novol Corona was added to their blood.
It made the old virus powerful, and so did Italy's one million people sick,
until the last reports that the government cut off half of northern Italy from the rest of the country, making it the largest quarantine region in the world.
Yes, other countries in Europe have closed their borders with Italy,
which completely destroyed Italy's economy, tourism and stock exchange is the biggest target of Corona.
Hey, Tourism was the largest industry in the world with $ 1700 billion.

This industry was lost in two months, airlines went bankrupt,
sunk at airports, hotels were vacant and museums and parks were opened, for the first time in history the house was evacuated to the Ka'bah and the mosque.
The usual worship in the Vatican was also closed while half of the world's wealth in stock exchanges was parked, including the park, so the world went to the brink of bankruptcy.
Forgetting the story, we're back to Victor.

When Milan doctors began examining the public, it was discovered that Victor was the first victim of Corona in his entire village,
he had been critically ill for two months, he still has the Corona virus in his blood but he still died from it.
Survived and recovered, why and how?
Doctors shifted him to Central Hospital and resumed his interviews, these interviews continued for a week.

All the major virus exporters in the country participated in these interviews,
the finding of the interview was very interesting,
Victor told the Exporters "I did not read newspapers, did not watch television and I was not active on social media.
Even though I didn't know the Corona virus had come out in the world and I was suffering from it, so I considered it a normal cough and fever and it recovered.
"This discovery was shocking, the doctors discovered further research.
All the patients who did not watch television or were not active on social media survived Karuna.

They soon recovered, while people living with the media became victims of Corona skin and also had high mortality rates,
it was the first finding of the Corona virus, the second finding was even more interesting, the world. Currently 103 countries are affected by Karuna, 90% of them are cold while 10% in hot countries Karuna has appeared, the number of patients in these countries is very low and no casualties have been reported.
There is a virus in the areas, it can't do long surveys in hot areas; more research was done on hot countries suffering from Corona. Patients from the wells also brought the virus from the colder areas and the disease was limited to them.
It did not affect other people, such as patients from Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, who came from Iran.

Young people, women and children are safe, and as the weather gets warmer in March, the Corona virus is also declining, since medical scientists think that Karuna will begin to die after March 15.
And by April, the situation will be in control, but before the end of Corona, the whole world will go bankrupt, according to Bloomberg.
The virus could hurt the global economy by $ 2.7 trillion, the world's largest stock.
Exchanges will land, airline and import export business will end and petrol prices fall by 50% God will stand ends Krona or not, tourist, social and economic activities will surely be broken tail and whole class of bankrupt people in the world and they will be called "Corona".

What should we Pakistanis do in this situation? Now we come to that.
First good news is that the Prime Minister gave Secretary Health to Tauqir Shah. This is a great decision.
Tauqir Shah has been principal secretary of Mian Shahbaz Sharif for eight years He was the backbone of the Punjab government, is a loyal and effective officer.
The Prime Minister made a very good decision by giving him the responsibility of controlling Karuna.
He will control the situation in a few days, secondly in the world of Karuna in Pakistan.
The least patients I have come across are that we are safe, we will be more secure after March 15, and in the first week of April S we will be completely out of danger.

Thirdly, whenever there is a fearful invasion of Corona, it will be from Italy to Pakistan.
There are thousands of Pakistani families in Italy, especially Milan.
I request them that if they really love their family and country, they will not be Pakistan until April.
Come and don't send any of your loved ones and relatives, it will be great for them.
Fourth, you must be careful but do not panic, Pakistan is completely safe.
If you want to travel to hot countries you must But first check yourself,
if you have diarrhea, a cold or severe fever, take your test.

If you are safe from Corona then you should go on a journey or leave home, stay away from five social media, 90% of social media news is fake, television is spreading excessive fear, you believe.
If you close Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for a few days, you will be a Victor, you will learn and you will recover soon even if you get sick otherwise you will be on television. And watching social media would die without having to go to Corona, why?
Because in the present case, television and social media are proving to be more dangerous than crony.
Before you shut down social media, before you die, social media is becoming more dangerous and deadly than crying.
Yes, the rest of you are wise.

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