ESTEEM8 - New Feature [Store your files]

5 days ago
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ESTEEM8 is a light, design and private web application.

What's new ?

It's now possible to:

  • Manage your files in a page.
  • Quickly grab them in a post or a comment.


You can see this functionality running at


ESTEEM8 project is open-source, feel free to read the source code on our GitHub.

Any contributions is greatly appreciated, you can quickly start with the contributing-kit and get rewarded.

Thanks for reading

ESTEEM8 is meant to be community-driven, team and users greatly appreciate any thought and advice on the way to improve the application.

Or chat with us without creating an account.

P.S. Full Steem ahead to raise funds to help us improving the application.

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  ·  5 days ago

Im liking the purple!

Are you guys available in

  ·  5 days ago

We're currently online at

  ·  5 days ago

Or personally from @primerz account on