Smoking can kill you

in esteem •  last year 


Hy steemian friend, on this occasion I want to make a post about the dangers of smoking for health.

Smoking can cause various types of disease sources, among others:

  • Causes a mouth kabker.
  • Causes cancer of the throat.
  • Causes damage to the lungs.
  • And pregnancy disorders for women.


Immediately avoid smoking so we hiduo healthy free from various sources of diseases that cause death.

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Very correctly said but the most important thing is that passive smoking is also killing us passively....we may not be smoker but if our friend is a smoker then also we are likely to get affected.

So the time has come to reject every friend and relationship from our circle who is a smoker.

Thank you.

thanks for the advice of friends, your advice is very true, I am proud of you