Your affair

in esteem •  9 months ago 


Finding a warm message from him that you said was just a friend I used to feel. With many reasons, ranging from work to friends, you lie a lot of lying in our relationships.

When a fight breaks out, you promise many times that you won't repeat again. But this time, even though you have kissed your signs of doing the same thing, I will try to silently see your ability to assemble lies.

Meet you I've ever known as a fortune. But in the end, I have to believe that belief as a feeling of error.

Before finally meeting him right, I believe that God will give us the opportunity to learn a lot. Maybe one of these lessons is our meeting. Even though I have previously believed you to be a soul mate, but through all the pain that you stuck in, I came to know that you are not the person.

Our agreement to live a relationship without being obedient is clearly countered by all your games behind. How many shadow lovers do you have as long as we are in touch. I, who once believed, had to find the fact that my lover was not so loyal.

I'm obviously not a steel-hearted woman who is immune to heartache. As an ordinary person, my emotions are often ignited when I find you sharing love with others. Time and time again we are caught in a great fight. Often also the word breakup came out, but what finally happened I was always faithful to forgive.

You with all sweet words always make me forgive all mistakes. You say everyone has the right to be given a second chance. I, who at that time always believed in your words, gave me another chance. In addition to speech, great expectations for maintaining relationships are also the reason why I always apologize.

Yesterday I had to hear the fact that you were back to feeling good. From a friend, I know that you are cheating on our relationship. I don't know how many times this happened. But honestly I don't care. Please have fun in lies.

Now, in this place I am ready to organize. I don't want to be angry anymore and scold you as usual. Even if you don't say it, know that I know exactly you're ambiguous. Once again I say, you are free to do it. Whatever you do there, I don't care.

For all that has happened, allow me to say goodbye. Yes, I, who used to fight now, has been broken. With your umpteenth betrayal, I decided to leave. I don't have to say goodbye. But with my departure, may you learn that there is a limitless patient.

When you come again, don't be surprised if women don't exist anymore. He has gone in search of more true love. You will only find this letter. Don't be surprised and question why. Because during your betrayal there, I tried to stop talking.

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