Waiting for soul mate

in esteem •  9 months ago 


As long as time goes on, without anyone being able to prevent it, during that time I continue to tether my age, crossing the time that continues to leave endless nostalgia. And this is time, sometimes it often presents a drama of joy and sorrow. As for the time that continues to grow the seeds of patience in my mind. About the time that is full of mystery even though I really want to peek.

In uncertainty, I often think, am I able to go through this time well. Without getting upset in waiting, spend seconds without waste.

I am also an ordinary person, who often imagines who is in the future, who is that?

Dozens of times this mind never numbs you. Every breath in waiting, when do you trace? I found it?

There is a longing that continues to unfold in this heart, longing for you who is still the secret of Heaven. I miss the meeting, longing for the fate of Heaven that has been written. Who is that? People say you will be a mirror in me. Even if we are different, you will be a complement to my life.

I never demanded to meet you. Because this youth is too beautiful if you waste it by worrying about your presence. Whoever you are, here I wait for you in happiness to reach your dreams, in self-esteem that is still awake expensive for you, in a prayer that will never break up to meet you no matter how old I am.

No matter how much it is, that's where the destiny of heaven is determined. Not too fast, too slow. All have a sustainable balance.

You too, will balance my life when I'm really ready.

Between the distance that stretches, our red thread will come closer, so we can face each other. Whoever you are, may we both wait in patience and glory. Waiting for u, soul mate.

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