Lesbian Bird

in esteem •  6 months ago  (edited)


Suatu ketika di kampung koloni, akibat semua jantan sudah pada beristri, terjadilah pasangan lesbi yang tak diinginkan, si perawan ijo terpaksa mengawini janda mangsi perso krn beberapa kali mencoba menggoda suami tetangga tapi tak diladeni. Akibatnya zonk. Harus dicerai paksa dan diusir dr kampung, mgkn ada yang minat..


Once in the village of colonies, as a result of all the males already married, there was an undesirable lesbi couple, the green virgin was forced to marry widow Mangsi Perso because some tried to tempt the neighbor's husband but were not served. As a result zonk. Must be divorced and expelled from the village, there should be no interest ..

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