Everything is fine

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Everyone will want and feel the real freedom. Everyone must have felt pretentiously in the midst of anxiety.

Then you try to speak to the heart, what is your heart feeling. But one thing you must understand, your heart cannot distinguish whether or not the feeling that it has. Therefore you need to use your mind to guide it. Unfortunately when your heart is crazy about love, your mind doesn't seem to be heard.

At one time, you chose to build a high wall to cover your heart again. Stay away from all things that are cruel. For you at that time it was a very difficult disappointment to cure. Maybe it's true some of them say that hoping in addition to your God, you are digging a grave for your heart. Ah, you just realized your ignorance after losing.

You are silent in empty space, because you want to talk to the heart. About him who is so easy to believe. About him who is wet with tears. About him who is trying to conclude a smile ‘I'm fine’. About the wounded back to the same feeling.

Then you sit down on your prayer mat, not because you want to question about your Lord's destiny, but because you know that only your Lord understands the meaning of your smile all day long.

In the end the tears that had been wrapped up in a smile were shed too. You cry sobbing, the pain that you have been drowning all over.
Ah, isn't life always like that? We already feel happy, because of love for humans. Then when love perishes, we look for reasons for the wound. The truth is, we never know, that we are not the only ones who are gifted with a wound in the heart.

And again you feel more stunted, because no matter how far you run away from all the causes of the injury. Did you not know that a wound in the heart is a sign that you are studying? Learn how to treat it. Learning to persuade him not to get sick anymore. Learn to make it more resilient and resilient when he falls back again (maybe later). At least you already know how to escape from all the shackles that you create yourself.

You realize that every heart has its own way to rise.

O heart, are you still reluctant to give up? Didn't you really understand that anything that isn't yours shouldn't be stored for a long time? Yes, maybe if I tell you to be sincere it doesn't mean because I want to be free. But because you sincerely feel truly free.

O heart, you only need to stand up again.

Because someone who is so deeply injured, is someone who can love so deeply. Because deep wounds must be caused by such great love. Be proud of a heart that loves sincerely, one day you will surely find the true owner appreciates all your sincerity.

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