Youth as the Future Agent of the Nation

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The future of a nation is dependent upon the young generation that is currently growing to absorb various kinds of knowledge. Various kinds of knowledge can be obtained from anywhere because of the influence of globalization, internet, technology, etc. For that the young generation must have a filter that is able to filter various kinds of incoming information so that no one direction that can affect the character of a nation later.
So important was the position and role of the youth that Bung Karno said, "A thousand parents can only dream, one young man can change the world." So it is the development of youth character for the hope and future of the Indonesian nation.

The development of the nation's character is a great idea that was founded by the founders of the nation because as a nation consisting of various ethnic groups with a strong regional nuance, the Indonesian people need a common view of culture and holistic character as a nation. It is very important because it involves the common understanding, views, and movement steps to realize the welfare and prosperity of all Indonesian people.
Character building is a process or effort undertaken to nurture, improve and or form character, character, psychological character, morals (character), human beings (society) so as to show good behavior and temperament based on the values ​​of Pancasila.

The Youth Pledge which has now entered the age of 86 years, the heroic spirit in the promise of the famous Youth Pledge experience a shift in meaning and understanding over time. The meaning of the Youth Oath is certainly different from the time of the first struggle. When used as a unifying tool, it should now be used as a whip for Indonesian youth to do better for the sake of the country's progress.

The hazy portrait of our youth condition is now apparent in front of us. Perhaps there are some sons and daughters of this nation who have the name of the nation in the eyes of the world through the various achievements that they incised. However, not a few of the nation's youths with various problems that they consider to be commonplace and common among youth, such as brawls, free sex, drug abuse and so on. They are race-oriented in the western world.

Indonesian youths should have strong character of the nation so as not to be influenced by the destructive western culture of NKRI. Through education and development of character youth can be built with high quality, strong mentality, and inherent honesty. Able to provide new colors in changing the development of this nation.

Changes are not just in the field of education, but in other areas as well as social, cultural, economic and political towards better change. As long as the sun is still rising from the east, as long as the earth is still inhabited by humans, as long as the character of the Indonesian nation is still awake, and as long as the youth are still performing at the forefront of the nation's development, so long as the Nation remains victorious.

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