The wisdom behind life

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The Story of wisdom behind . Life in the world is one of the mysteries unknown to its inhabitants. No creature knows how to walk the story of his life except by the permission of Allah SWT. So many things that God hides from His creatures.

Some things are even said to be divine secrets that can not be foretold with certainty. But behind the hidden mystery there is certainly an extraordinary wisdom that will be obtained by humans.

The mystery will be open if Allah SWT will. According to one of the friends of the Prophet Omar bin Khattab there are six great secrets of Allah SWT is still a mystery and hidden by God from His servant. Here's the explanation;

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Allah hides His Fidelity in obedience to Him
The first mystery that Allah hides is He hides His blessings. God does this so that people worship sincerely. Including preventing us from underestimating worship that is considered trivial. Because it could be there where the keridhoan of Allah SWT to us who have been really to carry out His command even as big as zarrah seeds though

Allah Hides His Anger in Immaculate His Servant
God does not directly show the 'impact' suddenly for the perpetrators of immorality or adulterers. Here Allah with this secret wants to test His worshiped servant who is still vengeful to be vigilant and when aware of it to immediately repent of the action. It could be the immoral bluff that we take for granted will cause us to fall into the fiery fire of hell.

Allah hid the Lailatul Qadar in the month of Ramadan
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The next mystery hidden by God is the night of Lailatul Qadar in each Ramadan month. To get the night of Laitaltul Qadr to be serious in looking for Lailatul Qadar because its value is better than 1000 months (83 years 4 months)

It is a secret to see the sincerity of mankind in order to get it through the way of worshiping Allah Ta'ala in tawadhu and earnestly

Allah Hides the Guardians among Humans
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One secret of Allah SWT is the existence of certain people whom He chooses to be God's guardians who may escape the sense of human vision. Allah Almighty intends to give humanity a chance to respect each other, without being so exalted or despised. Perhaps the person we belehkan is precisely the guardian of Allah SWT is so in his affection.

God Hides Death In Age
The mystery that most people make 'goose' when talking about this. Death, this is so secret of Allah SWT from human age. God wants to see the sincerity of human beings in the age that is owned today, whether colored blessed or even wasted by his servant.

Allah Hides 'Ash-Sholatul Wushta' (Most Prayer) In Prayer Five Times
Third party reference

Last Allah SWT hides 'Ash-Sholatul Wushta' or the most important prayer in the five times prayer. The goal is that a Muslim can keep all his obligatory prayers and not underestimate one of them. so that premises should be done mandatory prayer everything maximally so as to gain a tremendous reward.

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