City of a thousand Coffee shops

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Banda Aceh, dubbed as the city of one thousand and one coffee shop, holds its own uniqueness. It would be impossible not to find a coffee shop in every hallway of the city.


Coffee, a call sentence that can hardly be denied. Almost all coffee shops are always filled, coffee drinking culture becomes a habit that never separated from the people of Aceh.

Although coffee shops are everywhere, coffee makers or female baristas are not commonly found. Most of them prefer to be cashiers, rather than having to struggle with the coffee beans and grinding machines.

It is not valid with Trisha Aydilla Monica (20) or familiarly called Icha. He prefers to be a coffee maker rather than having to wait for customers at the cash register.

Its blend of coffee blends makes it the center of attention, especially from the adam. Occasionally he smiles when visitors glance at him. His eyes are always 'watch out' watching every customer who enters the coffee shop NA Coffee, the place where he became a barista.

Met by VIVA, Icha admitted that he has only been a barista in the coffee shop for a year. For him, being a coffee hobbyist, which started from his favorite coffee.

"In addition to the hobby can also generate rupiah coffers, but because Icha emang likes to drink coffee too anyway," he said when asked the reason to be a barista at NA Coffee in Lampineung region, Thursday, April 12, 2018.

Since I graduated from high school, Icha did not go to school and went to work as a coffee maker in several coffee shops in Banda Aceh.

While hanging out at a number of coffee shops in Banda Aceh with friends, some of them offered to learn how to mix coffee with manual brewing method.

"The first time Icha try it really fun and so I try to continue until now. Learning starts from brewing coffee with manual brew v60 or v sixty and some other concoction techniques "he said.

For Icha, there is its own impression during learning to mix coffee. Moreover, he prefers to brew coffee using manual brewing method, though, he also often mix with an espresso machine.

"Couple coffee by manual brewing it gives the sensation of the taste of a more delicious coffee drink when compared with serving espresso coffee with the machine," he said.

In addition to work, Icha also often joined the barista community and always follow the event held in Aceh. The activity was followed to hone the ability to mix coffee.


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