The long journey we have to go through

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This life is only a gift from the Most Gracious

So He is the one who has the power to take it back. He is the God of God who governs our lives. He is also the one who has the power to provide convenience, success or difficulties in our lives. Surely it all begins with how we appreciate the life that has been given by Him.

positive work

Helping others is a positive work, meaning we release positive energy to others.
There are many things you can do to release this positive energy, such as you may have a passion, have ideas, have solutions for others, then share that spirit, ideas and solutions with others. You have positive thoughts, so do not be lazy to write it and send it through mailing lists for others. The more you do the positive work, the more positive energy you get out and the more you will get back. Maybe you will accept it in a different form.

stop being self-centered

Think for a moment, do you often think of yourself compared to others? For example, thinking about how to fulfill their own desires, wanting a better job, wanting higher income, wanting a more luxurious home, wanting new passing cars, wanting bigger business, wanting to live richer and wanting more. If that is what is always in our minds, it means more often thinking about ourselves. If that fills the minds of our minds, then we are self-centered and self-centered.

faced storms and waves

Sometimes we can become angry with the situation we experience, because we feel embarrassed. Or unconsciously, we become careless, so lose direction and do not understand where to go. ** The journey of life is very long, winding and full of obstacles, so many obstacles confront us, and that sometimes makes us want to stop and turn back. **

Yes, the walls and stones are big problems, little pebbles are scattered, trying to make us bump, slip, stumble, to fall and stop our journey. Not to mention the holes that are unconscious make us fall in it. Perhaps many times we have to pass through the valley of tears, the abyss of destruction, the sheer cliffs, the dreadful wilderness in the night

** Not to mention we have to face the storm and the roaring waves, whack our faith, even though it has been weak and has no power anymore **

** Friend no matter how life is a journey, the story will not stop, all colors and flavors will be filled in filled in it **

Life is a long way to go. None of the life participants were told where and when he had to stop. Because the first place of rest that you occupy stops is your death. End of your work.

** What they use is a vehicle of the soul whose whole charge is the meaning of life itself, and the will that has been colored by that meaning. There is no empty space in the vehicle of their soul which is not filled by will **.

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