love peace with family is beautiful

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Mutual respect for each other, between individuals or groups is something beautiful because it can keep a harmony that has been made and implemented down and down. Indonesia is a very large democracy in terms of respecting the opinions of the people.
Mutual respect is a piece of words that may not be too difficult to interpret, but not enough with a short time to interpret it. Respect requires individuals or groups to legowo accept something different from the usual entry into the system of everyday life in the area. The problem is where some of our society is not ready or ready to accept the difference. Islam never supports violence, even Islam condemns such barbaric acts. Islam peace-loving religion, upholds the right of every citizen, promotes tolerance with other religions. Muslims respect religious harmony, to the birth of the Medina charter. This is one of the proofs that the Prophet and companions are always tolerant and distanced the anarchist attitude again barbaric. So Islam never exemplifies violence.
If you are not able to be peaceful with others. Be peaceful with your family.

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