a meeting that is so touching

in esteem •  11 months ago 

Our friend held a reunion to dinner with old college friends who so long separated.karena seperated by our education and our different departments. According to my reunion is a former meeting of old friends, which we held in one of the kukung krung geukuh stalls are stalls bamboo is close to our old school. held by a member of our class during our school days.
Generally, our goal is to relive our old school days, with the nosy friends among us, and we also share stories about what has happened to us since we are separated and scattered. And we jigs are very concerned with how our lives changed when compared with our past life. Which is so changed. Hope you all success. @Zahratulmulia may be useful for all of you who read it. And hopefully can remind you back to your friends not to forget to do reunion with them. good luck.

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

karena seperated by our education and our different departments.
It should be separated instead of seperated.