the taste of food tastes nusantara-lemang aceh

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Lemang is a food dish made from sticky rice. How to manufacture is to process the material, then burned until matur.Di aceh own, lemang has become a typical dish. Especially made at major religious events.
The most common example of making lemang is in Ramadan. In addition, traditional ceremonies in Aceh are also available to provide the dish.Excellent own made from rice glutinous rice. This glutinous rice will be processed together with coconut milk, pandan perfume, salt, and onion.
The dough is then wrapped with banana leaf buds are still young. Only later was put into a bamboo that had been cut and cleaned.
When all the dough has entered the bamboo. Bamboo next made to stand to be burned with api.Kuliner lemang this is not arbitrary time there. There is a special time where you can get at once to enjoy the culinary.
In aceh itself, you can get it on certain days. For example on the day of a big ceremony like Eid fitri, Eid al-Adha, even in Ramadan.
enjoy this lemang when it is new to taste more delicious.

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Thanks you.

The process is o long to practice in my country

why? the way is very easy. This burn process takes some time indeed. At a minimum, burning takes approximately 2 hours. It all depends on the size of the fire.

thank you for the information. Actually there is no difference between the way of making lemang in Malaysia and in Indonesia. The only difference is the way of presentation, especially if this dish is served in certain areas.

thanks for your comments all. Each region has its own way for presentation problems. This presentation determines the tastes of anyone who wants to consume them.
The way of presentation is by opening the lemang. Then inserted with side dishes as a complementary food.
As a complement, there is also a serving by placing rendang into the dish on the plate.
There is also a presenting it by adding jam. Especially for lovers of lemang that require a sweet taste in the presentation.
Not only that, there are some people who complete it with fruits. The most common example is presenting it along with durian fruit.
Of the many ways to enjoy the lemang, how to enjoy like when you enjoy ketupat is a reasonable way. Besides tasting good, you will also feel full.

This food is indeed one of the typical dishes of the archipelago. Of course in different regions have one dish different from other regions.
Examples in Jogja there gudeg. And in Sumatra itself there Lemang which become a mainstay dish on certain days.
Even so, the dish is available in various places. Examples are Malaysia, brunei and various regions in southeast asia. These foods fit you to eat as a companion meal.thanks all